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Power Plant EPC

Engineering / Procurement / Construction

Power Plant O&M

Operations & Maintenance

HFO Fuel Efficiency Optimization

HFO: Heavy Fuel Oil / MFO: Marine Fuel Oil

EPC – We Build Power Plants

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA Our expertise covers all aspects of the HFO power generation spectrum. USP&E performs civil, mechanical, structural and electrical engineering, handles logistics and shipping, and assembles equipment, components, and subsystems manufactured by others into fully operational power generating stations. We also commission your power plant and handle all warranty issues.

O&M – Planned Maintenance

germpic1 USP&E Global O&M is one of the premiere operations and maintenance providers in the power generation industry. We work in Rapid Growth Economies of Africa, Asia, South America and Indonesia. Our professional staff is trained in customer service protocol geared toward both domestic and international clients.

HFO Fuel Optimization & Delivery

FE airfilters We know HFO. Our expertise with HFO generators and HFO power station projects throughout the world enables us to drive down HFO and Diesel fuel costs, optimize schedules, and provide our customers with the most efficient and cost-savings solutions. We have a full line of Hyundia, Fairbanks Morse, Wartsila and MAN power stations that are ideal for when portable HFO generators and containerized HFO generators are needed - and needed now. Call us or email today - We look forward to working with you on your next power station project - in Africa, South America, Asia or in other Remote Regions.

Remarkable Feedback

I had the opportunity to work with Will on a very remote and cash stapped project in East Africa. The work involved a very difficult retrofit to a very old and tired diesel power station.

Will’s design, development and installation and also ongoing communciations were nothing short of excellent. The result – old and tired generators running better and more economical than many new systems I have seen. More than worth the money.

It is with great pleasure and much enthusiasm that I am writing this note of recommendation for Will Gruver and his company US Power & Environment. Will is a distinguished entrepreneurial CEO with exceptional vision & and pioneering determination.

I believe that Will’s foresight, integrity and human compassion led him in the direction of power generation in the emerging markets of Africa. Read full testimonial…

Will is a forward thinking, positive, enthusiastic entrepreneur and leader who is willing to take calculated risks and embrace change for the good of USP&E and all his employees. Will has a fantastic business etiquette and empowers his employees through his unwavering trust and support. In addition to being a great business person, Will has a passion for helping others in third world communities which has also motivated employees to participate in his humanitarian efforts. Will is inspiring and great to have as the big boss!

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